Artful Living

muse on

Just a few random things for you to muse on.
This diptyque figuier candle arrived on friday that I won from Vicki Archer.  
This is the magical view from my front door.  Go ahead and muse on that view.
The amount of rain has clearly left everything lush and green.
Here I am yesterday morning getting ready to attend an all day celebration.  Go ahead and muse on that.  I treated myself to a new frock.  The fabric is a crispy stretch cotton.  I love it.
Imagine how skilled I was at blowing my hair dry and taking a photo, if only I were skilled at keeping my eyes open.  I never seem to have them open for a photo.

Now muse on and enjoy your Sunday.  Oh, I am going here tonight to ABC home to hear Ingrid Michaelson.
I won tickets to this from a Bloomsbury Life.