Artful Living

monday motivation -selfish pleasure

I have been giving lots of thought to living each day with a little self-gratification.
I give you permission to take a bit of time today and treat yourself to something purely selfish.
It’s not that I wouldn’t be all too happy to share my lunch but sometimes we all deserve to treat our selves to something special.
The above open face bacon-lettuce-tomato brought me great happiness on saturday.
Served on one of my royal copenhagen plates that I bought second hand for a song years ago.
The bits of shaved parmesan were tossed in the salad and dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.
Mind you, all this after a wee nap.  I awoke feeling flushed and re-freshed.
All this made me feel like a Queen, and I did it all by myself without any courtiers.
I was home alone.
Do you take time out to live by adding pleasures to your day?
What I am referring to, does not involve spending tons of money.
Why do so many people deny themselves time to live life with a little self-gratification?
Standing and eating or running and swallowing really don’t do it for me.
What’s your selfish pleasure?

What do you take time for in your day that brings you joy?