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The intent of this post is to inspire those of you that might be entertaining the notion of running your own business.  I decided to share a few tips for you.  This post is especially excellent for those of you that might want to start this on a part time basis.

1.  Do you have a web-site?  I pondered the idea of having my own shop but decided a web site would garner a wider audience.   Having a web-site is a bit like having a home, it always needs freshening up, a new coat of paint or something to give it a nuance.
2.  Do you have a blog?  A blog for me has definitely been an incredible way to connect with so many incredible people and to share my passion for creating an artful life and business.
3.  Will you work alone?  Do you require a partner?
4.  Do you have a name for your business and have you registered it and set it up with it’s very own bank account.  
5.  Do you have business cards, invoices, stationary?
6.  What do you enjoy the most?
7.  What do you find that you enjoy the least?  Is this something you need to hire someone to do or do you need to just bite the bullet and make it work.  For me, I would say keeping on top of deadlines is a tough one.  
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