Artful Living

the quipsters

“Holly regretted not sporting the matching ric-rac jacket to loan to the naked statue.”
“Madge felt the stare of the statue gaze upon her wherever she went.”

“Shirley had forgotten to wear her watch and she wondered if her friend was fashionably late for the
5 o’clock rendez-vous at the atrium cafe.  Her stomach growled, as she had forgotten to have a proper lunch.”

The series of gals were done for a client and never purchased nor used and I found them in a file and thought that they might bring you a smile.  I had great fun creating these gals and the witty remarks, so this shall be a series of what I am naming “the quipsters.”

Please feel free to inspire me with any flattery, scene or verbal equivocations for this series.  I must admit that I often love to eaves drop and gather future fodder.