Artful Living

river arts studio tour

Each year, artists in the River towns open their studios.   This year I will be opening my brand new studio and participating in the annual River Arts Studio Tour the end of this month on April 28th and 29th.  I will be busy working to prepare for this show and am excited to share with you my space and my art work.   Not only do I plan to have artwork, but also some delightful edible treats and sparkling lemonade.

I invite each of you to come and visit.  If you need a map or an invite with my location, kindly e-mail me at pve@pve and I will be happy to send one.  Keep me in your thoughts and send good vibes that I am ready.  My new table is being delivered on Tuesday and Monday I am off with a dear friend to pick up my book case.  You cannot imagine how excited I am to show off my new studio!