Artful Living

Open Studio tour

 The door is open for the River Arts Open Studio tour, please come in to my new studio.
I have dreamt of my studio and here she is, stones and all.
 Welcome to my new studio.  I boxed up note-cards with images of my artwork.
Tied ribbons.
The place looks spiffy.
I packaged up some sweet cookies baked by our local Riviera bakehouse which I will share with you.
Sparkling lemonade is chilled for you.

There are samples of my artwork for you to see and to purchase if you have any cash or a check.  Just looking, that is fine with me too.  My door is open, so come out today from 11 to 5.  Maps are available here and in my studio for you.  Please bring your child, I love children and the honesty and the energy they exude.  Today is the last day of the tour, but I am available by appointment if you cannot make it today.

I am available for class if you would like to learn to draw, to paint, to blog or to journal.  Remember, my mission is to design, to create and to inspire an artful life.  I am sticking to that mission and I would love to challenge you to live a more artful life.