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weekend plans

 One site that has provided a wealth of knowledge to me is Learn Vest.
A site with tips and tools for living an organized, healthy and affordable life.
After my files were labeled and organized (Thanks Jen) I then proceeded to shop for dinner.
This recipe from Learn Vest was labeled “Affordable and Glamorous.”
Now who doesn’t want a little more affordability and glamour in their lives?
“Salmon en Papillote” (recipe from learn vest) which I paired with a healthy green lentil recipe from Ina Garten.

Sauteed onion, leeks and celery (which to me are quintessentially spring) added to the lentils.
In Europe, leeks are considered a right of spring and perfect for cleansing.
We finished off the meal with a rich yet flour less decadent chocolate dessert and fresh strawberries.

I love weekend plans.
Hope your weekend is full of affordable and glamorous fun.
Hope I have inspired you to take action, file and feast!

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