Artful Living

monday motivation – about-face

I adore this work of art, by Gerhard Richter.
 What courage to paint a portrait in such a brave way.
Does this make you do an “about-face” too?  I want to gently tap her on the shoulder and call “Betty” to turn around and show us her face.  I can feel so much of her spirit with her modesty yet her boldness with the choice of brightly playful patterned jacket.

 One of my all time favorite paintings and artists, “Ella” by Gerhard Richter.  I always wanted to know if there was any relation since my Great Grandmother was a Richter too.  What I love the most about this work of art is how one readily is brought in to her tenderness, like the blossom of a flower.  It is less about the face and more about capturing the spirit of one’s inner self.  I love the traditional feminine colors and the gentleness of her upturned lips.

Here is a self portrait Gerhard painted of himself.  I find it completely mysterious and alluring.   Although his face is blurred, I want to know more about him.  At 76 he is one of the world’s greatest painters.  Did you know that when he began, none of his paintings sold and now his paintings are some of the most expensive in the Art world.  Motivation requires willingness to stick with something and to stay the course.