Artful Living


I must admit to loving people, places and things that exude a marvelously impeccability.  What sorts of characteristics do you admire in a person, place or thing. 

Flowers on the table, the added ambiance of a lit hearth, a lovely velvety cappuccino?  
The signature of a scent, the beauty of a brooch or a bauble.
There are certain standards that certainly add to creating a regal and magnificent life.
Gentleman dressed in freshly pressed shirts and ties.
Clean shaven and smiling.
Life is good.

My son on the left and his college room mate on the right exude certain standards that I know will strengthen their bonds for creating a wonderful life. 
 Both gentleman are fraternity brothers and room mates as well as ROTC mates.
What sort of characteristics or traits do you find impeccable? 
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