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go green

Think of this post as a eco-friendly reminder to go green.
Do you know the daily green list, click to check out the list.

 Yesterday, I was working in an 
office with a client and the topic of recycling came up and a search for garbage island as well as other questions were raised about where waste goes.

Nope, it was not pretty, but we all need to do our part to go green.
Artists are raising our awareness.   Sculpture is changing the way we look at trash.
We all need to do our part for future generations.
This fantastic wallpaper in an office would be a great reminder to go green.
Mother Earth needs each of us to think green.
 One of the printers in the office was acting up and it made me think, perhaps the printer was trying to tell the world to reduce.  Do you really need to print everything?  Think of all the trees we could save.
Maybe one day we will have an alternative for paper?  
 It makes me happy to know that we recycle because as a child, I only remember one trash bin.  Now we recycle but have you noticed that some trash bins are the size of a car?

 When was the last time you thought about going green? Are you doing your part to go green.

 Do you carry your own bags to the store to help reduce paper and plastic consumption?

 There are many eco friendly products on the market that will change the way we live and how we travel.  Given the current price of gas, we need some alternative solutions.
 Eco friendly flooring and shoes crafted of recycled materials designed for the consumer who is searching for a sustainable solution and lifestyle.
Lisa at Kenmore Arms has a green thumb and green wellies to welcome you to her home.
Are you green?
What sorts of steps are you taking to do your part?