Artful Living

fresh off the farm

Many of the commissions that I do require me to work from a photo and often, I can really work myself up into a tizzy trying to capture what I see and what I cannot see.  This farm house made me remember my very own Father who was raised on a farm.  He was born one of nine children and his Mother paid the fine Doctor with a fresh off the farm chicken.  It was a barter of sorts and my Dad loves to say that poor chicken is gone and he is still clucking around.
Although I could pick my work apart and want to re-work this one, it is more of a feeling that I try to capture.  Can you imagine arriving here and feeling far away, calm and having all you need and wanting nothing more.  Such simple places, farmhouse, cabins and spots tucked away at the end of a dirt road  
are so inspiring.
If you are trying to practice your artwork, work from a photo, imagine yourself there and what you want to capture.