Artful Living

bowl someone over

My home phone rang last night.
It rarely rings.
It seems we all are connected via other devices these days.

An elderly neighbor down the street called.  We met last year while I was out walking our dog.
I could hear a sadness and a desire for company and I told her I would be right down just as soon as my husband was home from work to be with our daughter.

Literally, In ten minutes I walked down with a small plate of cookies and some fruit.

She told me she would be moving in a week, leaving her home where she had lived since 1960.
Her children worried about her being alone.
She shared stories of her family.
Surviving the concentration camp.
Losing her husband of 60 years of marriage.
Her arthritis and the pain.

I told her I loved her for sharing with me and for calling me.  Her eyes were bright and her spirit alive and full of grace and kindness.  While I was there her 92 year old sister called.  They speak everyday.

Today, I am sharing a sweet little “i love you” vessel from an etsy favorite. rou designs.
Spread the love and show you care for someone who might be in pain and in need of love.
It could be a visit, a call, a letter.
Bowl someone over with kindness.
Take the self-kindness challenge.
Do something nice for someone.

Thank-you so much for your kind comments yesterday.
I appreciate your visits, your e-mails and your support.