Artful Living


 I am reminded often by my very own 84 year Mother to never give up and to look for the wonder and joy that each day provides.  It is true that miracles do happen every day.  All we have to do is to be able to see them.  So often they are right there, before our eyes and we miss them.

Imagine waking up here, now surely each day would hold such miracles with this view.  Do you wake up and see the beauty around you.  Do you immediately find the awe in each new day?  You are beautiful.  You and your day are full of possibilities.

  Take time to look for the intricacy found in something beautiful.  It could be the voice of a loved one, a walk in nature, home made soup or perhaps a smile from a stranger.
Enjoy your Sunday.  Care to share your latest miracle?
They do happen every day.