Artful Living

go into detail

This was a commissioned work of art for a client to give as a holiday gift and the timing was tight.  I completed the work, observing all the details of the original photo and it did cross my mind that I thought perhaps the house front hand rail at the steps was a bit odd but who am I to question.  When  I sent the image of the artwork to my client she e-mailed back that the railing had been removed by the owner and her client as this was for a gift.  I immediately re-did the artwork without the hand rail at the steps and in my holiday haste, I failed to get a scan without the railing.  
As an artist, I feel that it is part of my job to capture every detail that makes the difference and if something needs to be changed then that too is part of getting it right and keeping the client happy.  
Service matters to me and I understand that life is busy and we are humans.
Point blank, details really do matter.
Getting things right are important to me.
These are the images provided to work from. I love the top image, the roof line and the inviting angle, but the image below was better to work from since it is clearer and easier to garner the lanterns and the shutters.  I love the top image of the symmetrical trees flanking left and right.
Signing off as I have a long list of details that need my full attention. 
 Be back Monday.  
Happy weekend.