Artful Living

to be

The New Year is upon us and I have lots of plans to be more of myself.
Over the years, I have learned that we can accomplish so much more when we remain true to ourselves.
 To be thankful and to never stop looking up.
Magic is all around each of us.
 To be more aware of the little things which really are the most important.
 To be organized and put things away where they belong.
To be on my yoga mat and to stretch out each day.
to be reading more….
 Marilyn was an avid reader.

Faith by Jennifer Haigh is on my list.  I am reading The Essentials of Fabulous.

 To be in my studio more, painting and teaching.
In January I will be focusing on getting it set up and ready.
To be more reflective, to gather a collection of mirrors to remind me to reflect joy.

To be thankful for an upcoming 25th wedding anniversary for yours truly and my dear husband.
As time goes by, I appreciate all the years that we have behind us and I look forward to the years ahead to be full of goodness.

Thank-you to each of you for taking time to be here, to read my blog, to comment and to be such loyal supporters.  Like I said, I promise to be more of myself and to continue to create, design and inspire an artful life.