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letting it go

It is not my nature to share dirty laundry here on this blog but this past week I had the good fortune of working with Amy from “Simply Organize it.”  I connected via “living social” where her services were offered at a special rate.

Amy agreed to come to my home and was ever so kind and ever so calm.  She kept asking me “where’s the stuff?”  The stuff was in my back storage area and garage.

Lots of questions asked.
Do you love it?
Does it bring you joy?
Do you need it?
Is it weighing you down?
If you let it go, what are you opening yourself up to?

Soon I realized “it” needed letting go and the things that once were needed, loved or used now needed a new home.  Amy took all these things and will deliver to various places for someone else to find a use for “it.”

During our renovation and construction, it caused me to move things many times, to pack up things and to unpack things realizing that it either had no place or no need.

I let go of toys, an old sewing machine that needs a new cord, tables I thought I would paint, bags of clothing to hand down, kitchen items and lots more.

The greenery you see tucked on the bottom was Amy’s.  Thanks again Amy for coming to lend a hand and for carting all of it away to help to make room in my life.

Do you need help to simply organize it so you can free up more time for living a clutter free life?
If so, contact Amy.  I would highly recommend Amy to you.