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holiday tips

 T’is the season and now is the time to give to certain folks who help us all year long.  You know who those various helpers are.  Think of them as elves in your life to make your world run a little smoother.
Money or gift cards always are appreciated no matter the nationality.  Think of your cleaning person, Gardener, Banker, Dry Cleaner, Doorman, Dog walker, Postman, Barista, Baker, Candlestick maker…well you get the idea.  If you happen to be all those people, then tip yourself with something nice!

 Fill a nice jar with a fun spoon, a package or two of hot cocoa some marshmallows and tie with a ribbon.  Last week on NPR I heard that drinking cocoa has many benefits to improve the circulation.

I stopped in a local spot when I was out running errands and while I was sitting enjoying my hot cocoa, a lady popped in to give the owner the prettiest amaryllis.  Certain plants always add cheer during the holidays.

There are many wonderful gifts to give to remember those who are part of our daily grind.  Just think of all those who may be need a little cheer this time of year.  Care to share any holiday tips?