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 Blogger, Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy politely asked for a little help from her friends to make an impact for a worthy cause this year.  That Lauren is not only charming but smart.

Last year, Lauren Knight of the charming blog, Aspiring Kennedy, started a charity in an effort to provide clean water in Africa.  Through the magic of blogging this initial effort became a movement now known asWell Done.  As a result, a well was completed, thereby visibly and dramatically improving the quality of life in this one small region forever! Since last year’s efforts were so successful in bettering the lives of so many less fortunate, Lauren has decided to up the ante a bit this year and go for an even loftier goal.  Here’s how we all can help. By just giving up one cup of coffee, one cocktail, a couple of songs on iTunes… we can actually change some families lives forever. I hope today that you will join me in donating to Well Done.  Even the smallest amount, just $5.00, can make the biggest difference. Thanks so much!

Give clean water.
Charity: Water.

 Give the gift of water.

Just think how different your life and your holidays would be without the gift of clean water.

Certainly does put the ho ho ho back in my H2O H2O H2O
to support good clean water in areas that this is not a daily benefit.

Lauren as well as many of us here in the blogosphere have joined forces and I hope you will too.
E-mail Lauren, she will be happy to add your blog to Well done 2011 and provide the html code needed to post Charity : Water  Well done 2011.

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