Artful Living

edgy calm

This year has been an incredible journey.  Living under renovation has been more challenging than 18 years of raising twins.  My friends always tell me “How do you stay so calm?”  Part of maintaining an all is calm, all is bright attitude is finding time to embrace life and to know that there are many phases along with trends.  I have always admired a sort of what I call a minimal “edgy calm.”

Teetering on the edge is inspiring to me.  I always admire the person with the Christmas tree tied to the top of the car on Christmas eve.  
Not buying into the commercial aspect, but rather finding the peace and serenity of a home filled with only what you love.
A fire and fresh flowers add a luminous quality to this edgy space.
To those of you who are waiting for Holiday artwork, I ask you to remain calm and know that I am working hard to deliver my best work while living on the edge of a twitchy calm.
Seriously, what was I thinking that life would be the same living under construction?
I have uncovered my soul that dwells within the dust.
I remind myself that all is calm, all is bright striving for an edge to my life.
Promise me that you will take a moment to find your calm within.