Artful Living


A rousing Cheers to this fantastic couple for celebrating 50 fabulous years of marriage.  This commission was done as a gift and I loved hearing back from my client as soon as the artwork arrived.

 LOVE, LOVE the art work you did of my parents!!!!  You captured their expressions perfectly!!!  The detail and design is so darling and whimsical……just what they will LOVE!!!!!!  The french style scroll work around the picture of my parents faces is wonderful.  I also adore the painting of them in in front of the Eiffle Tower with their beloved puppies.  You captured my mothers long legs and my fathers magnanimous personality.  You are a true artist and the wait well well worth it:). THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!  Just know tonight that when my parents open this amazing gift that you will be making two very special people extremely happy.

The package just arrived and your artwork is wrapped beautifully!!!!  Once again, Thank YOU!