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blue christmas

“‘ll have a blue Christmas….without you”

 Maybe you are traveling to visit family, near or far.
Memories of travels are everlasting.  I always remember visually and associate places with color.
A comment was left about Paris blues and yes, Paris at night is a city awash in dress blues.
I shall never forget the trip I took to Tulsa, Oklahoma.
I was a teenager in high school and went to visit my sister and brother-in-law.
Elvis Presley died and there was a blue sort of sadness all over the land.
 I think everyone was blue and glued to the news. 
There was a quiet hush.


We listened to Elvis Presley music and soaked our sorrows in yummy comfort food.

 We escaped to the shops and museums to look at art and architecture.
I bought a pair of blue suede shoes.

Do you ever get the blues at Christmas?
All I want are deep dark moody blues.
Blue velvet, blue polish, blue everything.
Navy blue, sky blue, cobalt blue, admiral blue, yankee blue, electric blue.

All I want for Christmas is blue.  Everything blue.
all images from my pinterest board, blue and white