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This will be my motto for today as I prepare to host a royal dinner,
 for my daughter’s soccer Mom’s and Dad’s of her club soccer team.
 Our daughter’s Coach sent out a request for an evening to celebrate the season, somewhere other than the sidelines.  
An adult evening which does not happen too often for many as we chase and carry the ball from practice to work to dinner and beyond.
 The e-vite was sent out inviting all the Mom’s and Dad’s for a royal banquet.
Well, not exactly royal, but a “pot luck” feast for all to bring something and to socialize somewhere other than the sidelines.

I am planning on cutting greenery and setting up the table with fresh whites and lots of candles and some black and white too. I am hoping I can convince my referee husband to cut a plank of wood for my table.

The renovation is not complete, but nothing ever is and I rose to the occasion when the coach referred to me as “The domestic Goddess.”
Let the games begin.  I am so excited to share and play hostess in my new royal digs.
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