Artful Living

marathon weekend

 I have been waiting for the perfect moment to share this magnificent piece created especially for me by
the incredibly talented Amanda from “Our Humble Abowed” –  You are probably wondering what it is.  Take a closer look.
 Imagine yourself in New York City.  One of my most treasured cities in the world.  I have always loved maps and cities and industrial design.  
 Here it is all framed and ready to hang.  I just adore it.  My favorite part of Manhattan is Central Park and I asked Amanda to create a modern tribute around that.
 My sweet framer said this piece was “insanity” and he wondered how did she do this?  It is all cutwork and she does this while raising two little ones?  I now call her Amanda scissor hands!

Just like I imagine how can someone run in the marathon? It is marathon weekend and I want to wish all of the marathoners all the best.