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magical monday

My weekends seem to be that of a warrior.  My husband had hours of cleaning up debris from fallen branches and I finally caved in and cleaned up after the construction crew.  It actually did not take me that long.  A shelf is now host to paint cans, brushes, tools, rags, bags and I cannot wait to see the faces on the men when they arrive this morning.  I feel like the Fairy Godmother.
Identify a problem and then a solution to solve it or make it all better.  Often we may not think that we hold the magical powers to change a situation but we do.  This was a surprising revelation to me.  
Just imagine a pile of tangled ropes, masses of yarn sprawled about and one can suddenly create magic.
I found this rug on pinterest and it reminded me of how I felt after creating magic from the chaos.  Find the magic on Monday by solving a problem.
If you had one wish, what sort of wish would solve your problem and make your monday more magical?  Tell me.