Artful Living

grateful give-away

 Each and every day I am grateful for many things.
Appreciative.  Blessed.  Grateful.
E-mails come in from past clients thanking me.
Many loyal customers return for more artwork,
 Thankful to have the memories of these illustrations that I have worked on over the years and the many clients who love my work.
Really, folks it cannot get any better than that, doing what I love and feeling the love.
It is a gift to do what one loves.
 Each work of art feels like taking one step in the right direction.
Skipping up the steps, singing, and whistling while I work makes me happy.
 Feeling blessed, thankful, grateful and happy.

Happy Monkey Grass Hill. I can dream about having breakfast there and making jewelry with Julie.

 A floral designer lives here and I would love to knock on her door with a special delivery.

This was a moving gift commission and I wonder who lives here now?  I feel so full of gratitude for all the work, the friends I have made while I work.  I am so very appreciative.  Thanks so much for all your kindness and support.  Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.

Leave a comment and on Thanksgiving day, one of you shall be randomly selected to win a “pve custom house commission!”  All you need to tell me is what you are most thankful for?  If you are a pve follower, thanks so much and if not, take the time to follow me here on my blog journey.

11-25-11  -Update; Winner is “Brooke Giannetti” from Velvet and Linen- randomly selected no.28