Artful Living

chez toety

While in Monaco, my dear husband and I took a stroll up to the market for some fresh food items along with several bunches of fresh white rannunculas which I proceeded to make this arrangement for dear Toety, my Mother-in-law.  I love the attitude of the one stem that seems to be reaching, vying for attention.  Next to the arrangement is a Diane James Home candle I gave to Toety, which she lit and thought it was the most lovely fragrance filling the room with a heady floral scent.
The room is mostly shades of cream and brilliant blue accents like the lamp.
They have lived in this apartment for thirty years and have collected things they love.

It is such a peaceful room in such a busy little place.  Going there for a visit always feels like an elegant  hug.  I wish we lived down the street so I could personally deliver fresh flowers to this lovely lady, Toety.