Artful Living

tweedy week

Here is a snippet of my week which reminds me of a tweedy melange.
Above is a commissioned illustration that I did outdoors of a home, that reminds me of a Swiss Chalet.
I was such a gorgeous morning, the leaves were falling and swirling all around me.
Apples were given to me which made me smile.  I enjoyed my day!
 Finally got a rug pad for this rug that I added to the kitchen by the built in pantry.
Been stocking the pantry with beverages, holiday goodie boxes for gifting and napkins.
Master Bedroom deep floors and lovely light walls and warm sun!
 My floors are stained a lovely deep rich warm stain.  The Master Bedroom walls are moonlight white, Ben Moore which reminds me of fresh egg whites.
My Waterworks .25 tub made it successfully into the Master Bath although it is not yet “bath ready” because it needs to be situated by our plumber.
 The Simply white color with the glass tile in the shower looks 
a tad warm, so I am giving Martha “Bakery Box White” a try which has a tint of misty watery blue.
 Made an Apple Pie.
 Cleaned, chopped and cooked some fresh veggies for soup.

 My daughter on the left (and her dear friend) had Colonial Day at her school this week on Wednesday which was great fun.

Thank-you for fellow friend Victoria and blogger- Art House Design, for loaning such a charming dress, apron and bonnet for the day.

I told you my week was tweedy mix of random musings!