Artful Living


Time management requires reservations or what I like to call a “schedule.”
If we do not make a priority list or say no, things will surely be out of balance.
Preparing for a dinner party, one makes a menu and shops for the ingredients.
Time is set aside to actually prepare the meal and to set the table.
I love to be “prepped” for the weekend, spending time to shop, and bring home seasonal delights.
Nothing like chopping red cabbage and green cabbage to embrace October.
Making braised cabbage to share with friends and some yummy mashed potatoes and applesauce.
The health benefits of eating seasonally are on way up there on my priority list.
Baking some apple pie too for dessert.
When friends ask, how I do it.
I keep fairly simple lists in order of priority.
I try to do things in order of priority on my list and on a time clock.

A few years ago, I read on chez Larsson these valuable tips to Simplify 101;

1.  Prioritize, highest priority is first
2.  Say NO
3.  Strive for balance
4.  Avoid the buffet syndrome (which means you cannot have it all or do it all)
Learn to use the clock as your friend and schedule down time to relax.  What are some tips that help you to prioritize and feel balanced with your time.

artwork by terry wise studio