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monday motivation – scales and ladders

It is monday and each morning monday-friday, I step on the scale to see where I night need to make an adjustment.  I keep an index card with the date and weight and record what the scale tells me.  Last year when I was training with a trainer, he told me that the mirror and the scale are our friends.  It is normal for our weight to fluctuate like a ladder, up and down.  If we find a target weight that we feel good at, then the key is to try to maintain that weight.  It is like a game of “scales and ladders!”

What works for you?  Do you weigh in or not?  Do you just avoid the scale and rely on the fit of your jeans?  Love to know how you motivate yourself to find a happy weight.  Please, I realize this is a personal issue and please know that I am not judging anyone for not weighing in on this post, I just think we can all provide helpful tips to motivate each other.

I am off for my morning walk and then back for my morning oats.  Happy Monday.

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