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land ahoy

I have a few new commissions that involve sail boats and while I was doing some research I came across some more Andy Virgil work and love it.  There is something about boating that never seems to look dated and I love how boys toys just get bigger and better.  We have friends with boats and whenever the invite arrives for an outing on a boat, we immediately reply “yes.”  I just love being on or near the water.  Images keep flooding my head with lists of what to wear and to bring.  My camera is ready.  White jeans, striped tops, windbreakers and sneakers make me smile too.  Sunglasses, check.

Are you with me.  Can I get a fist pump and a yes!
Are you anxious for land or do you want to jump right in?

When you are taking on a project, do you do tons of research or just set sail?  Things always go smoother for me when I feel more prepared.   The research I do makes my senses awake, I hear the sounds of the waves lapping on the side of the smooth boat and the whipping of the sails.  I feel the rope under my feet and the tip of the boat.  I see water all around me with a sliver of lush land ahead.  The sun warms my face and I swallow in the salty air.

I feel myself chasing the wind and taking in all the pleasures of smooth sailing, all the whilst I am comfortably sitting at my drawing table and illustrating that boat.  Most people are amazed at how much research I gather before I begin.  I guess it is like a compass rose and guides me, bringing me closer to my destination to drop anchor and draw or paint.

top image Andy Virgil
bottom two from Pinterest