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change in the air

There is a definite change in the air.  
Autumn hints hello. 
It is my most favorite time of year.
Although our leaves are still very green, the cool air beckons us to seek warmth.
  Indeed, this third season from September to November is one of my favorite seasons.
 The turning of the leaves, the spirit of thanks seems to remind us to connect with nature and reflect on the goodness in turn that it deserves.
Think of all the fullness and joy that awaits each of us.  
Perhaps sharing a crackly fire, a warm cup of soup or just a moment sitting under a canopy of nature and reflecting on one’s thoughts to feel the abundance around each of us.  
“Setting aside time each day to become absorbed in just being- in the present moment, alone in nature, – will leave you refreshed and refocused. Like a pilgrim going to church, I go outdoors for the prayer that drawing and observing nature offer me. The primordial urge is to Become One, to flee to the arms of Nature, to draw dabbling ducks, preening geese, azalea blossoms, and silhouettes of great blue herons. Nothing spectacular, everything spectacular. The essential magic occurs when pencil meets paper and the eye really sees a tree. The Process of Seeing is what counts, not how good a drawing Is. Being A Witness brings a sense of belonging, of compassion, of responsibility.” -Clare Walker Leslie

I encourage each of you to find time to set aside time gathering your thoughts in nature.
Start an Autumn journal.  Draw. Paint. Photograph. Collect snippets of nature.
Even if you do not have time to be alone, take a friend outside to see the magic of change upon us.
How will you witness the change in the air and your sense of belonging to nature?
Does the change in the air motivate you?
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top and middle image from pinterest and bottom from Clare Walker Leslie