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platt pleasures

loving this collection of green bowls

As an artist, I not only admire other artist’s work but I can always look at the pleasure not only in their faces but in their hands.
Pottery is her pleasure.
You can see it in her hands and her beautiful smile.

“I became a potter because I like the process and the product. I like the feel of clay when it is moist and malleable and when it resists what I want to do with it. I look for simple forms that are pleasing to the eye and touch and for glazes that enhance rather than compete with the function. I enjoy making things that have to do with food, its presentation, and the pleasure of eating.”

Joan Platt makes stunning platters and one of a kind artful designs that are simply natural in form and in color.

I contacted Joan for an interview and she replied that “she did not know what a blog was as she is from another time.” I am in hopes that you will take a look at Joan’s work and then leave a comment for her. It would be my pleasure to share your comments. What would you like to know about Joan and her work? Perhaps your comments might entice her to delve into blog land! Can you tell me what would you like to have from Joan Platt’s pottery line?

I love these large fish platters.
What a presentation they would make for serving and sharing a pleasurable meal.