Artful Living

cool and crisp

A custom monogram sure does add an air of cool and crisp – to linens, paper or porcelain.
Perhaps even on a melamine dish this would be magnificent.
My client wanted something mod, fresh and octagonal.

But you know me, I have to explore all the design possibilities.
How about this pretty one for a pillow. I would love it in white on white linen.
Imagine it on a linen hand towel for guests to covet.

A Quatre-foil inspired monogram which helped me to cleverly utilize all four initials.
Not to worry, I painted the leaves green on the right before I sent to my client.
I have some more ideas for a cool and crisp weekend.
It feels delightful after that mini heatwave.
Have a cool weekend. Chill out and take it easy with something monogrammed…I hope.