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monkey business – novica give-away

Guess everyone has noticed that there was a bit of monkey business with blogger.
Well, after all it is friday the 13th.
How frustrating it felt to not be able to post or comment. How thankful I am that e blogger is back in business.
We all need to give thanks and clap our hands.

My hands were up in the air but now that blogger is back, they are at the key board with a wonderful give-away.
Without blogging, I felt like I’d lost my marbles….or paperweight.

But now a bird is back to the nest and the business of blogging and excited to host this give-away from Novica. Take a look around Novica and look at all the artful inspiration for corporate giving.
Two lucky winners will have an e-certificate for $75 each.
Look around Novica and what sort of coporate gift would you like to give or to recieve?
Do you have someone to give thanks to or to recognize for a job well done.
Novica has a wonderful selection of gifts.
Leave a comment, 2 lucky winners will be announced Monday.
Leave an e-mail if you are not a blogger so that you may be contacted.