Artful Living

french tangerines

The French Tangerine contacted me via etsy with a monogram request. The above monogram was the first one that I designed.
My client came back with comments to make the letters “equal” in size, so I went back to the drawing board and came up with this one.

I thought this one might be fun using a tangerine as the moniker for the monogram.

After getting to know my client a bit more by reading her blog, my homework paid off.

I realized that perhaps something that was a bit more “french provencal” would be more suited to her style than a monogram. The above artwork was sent.

My client came back requesting just the monogram, no wording and to eliminate one top tangerine. So I did the above illustration and sent it off and she was thrilled.
So you see that part of my work is getting to know the client, and to also let them know that this process takes time as all my work is done by hand and I strive to create original work for each client.
I love creating unique designs for each and every client to be used for personal stationary.
Imagine getting one of these pretties in the mail…from The French Tangerine!