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dogwood delight

Happy Birthday to my Mother.
I would have loved to have made this cake for my Mom.

The truth is that my Mother has never cared much for sweets but I do think she would admire the magic of this artful dogwood cake. Is it not delightful? The dogwood blossoms look like porcelain.

While in Kentucky, I took great delight seeing the flowering dogwoods.
One of my favorite trees and blossoms.

Now I am back in New York and it feels like someone changed the channel, turned out the lights and opened up the skies, pouring buckets of rain.

Is it Spring where you live? Having had the pleasure of the explosion of color, the profusion of petals and the magic, I am ready to welcome Springtime here. How marvelous to have a wall of dogwood blossoms to admire during any season. The above image is a stencil found on etsy.
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