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monday mojo series 2

Please welcome guest blogger and business owner -Melissa of

It’s hard to imagine living a life that doesn’t motivate me to wake up every day ready to take on anything that comes my way. I’m a firm believer in controlling your own destiny, and although, sometimes it feels as if the cosmos throw out a crazy right-hook {re: economy, kids, health, etc.}, I still feel it is vital to live the life you can’t live without. This doesn’t equate to going beyond your means, but rather, allowing your soul to be enriched by doing what you love most.

My husband and I committed to chasing our dreams and making them a reality. He is an artist, and I am a small business owner who supports small artisans from around the world. We are not wealthy, we struggle to make ends meet, but we are happy. Every day brings a new challenge, opens our eyes to different methods or designs, and allows us to learn and meet new people and things. Our days are not 9-5, 5 days a week; we ‘are on’ constantly…no sick days, no IRA’s, no steady paycheck, no healthcare plans. We are motivated by the sheer joy of being our own boss, letting our creative juices flow without any barriers, and knowing that at the end of every day, we did our very best for us and those we support and believe in 100%.

Life is short. Live it.

Thank-you Melissa!

Please pop over to visit Reverie-daydream and take a look around.

Melissa’s shop is dreamy and I have ordered a few items and love them!