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monday mojo series 1

Welcome monday morning motivator Kayce Hughes. Kayce, thanks for your great tips.
We all need a little inspiration on Monday for a little mojo charm.


It feels a little funny to speak about Motivation when I often find myself longing for it.

For me a deadline is a great motivator but I am trying to be better about not waiting until the last minute.

Looking at beautiful things usually helps get me in the mood to be productive. If I am in a cooking rut I carve out some time to look through one of my many cookbooks. For exercise I do best if I have to schedule a class ahead of time. When it comes to cleaning and organizing the house looking through one of my favorite decorating books usually helps. This one almost always puts me in the mood to organize.


When all else fails a coke or cappuccino usually do the trick.

I added the images and just could not resist the tray with the Corona bottles.

How pretty this tray is to win and to serve a coke or cappucino or to organize a desk.

Happy mojo Monday~


please feel free to e-mail me to contribute to this series