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hang up now

Last night at our local High School, we had Jacy Good and her boyfriend, Steve speak to an intimate audience about the dangers of cell phone use while driving. My sons had heard her speak a year ago and asked me to go. My husband and I attended and walked away realizing that all it takes it one second to change one’s life forever.

Jacy and Steve are on a mission to educate the dangers of cell phone usage while driving. Even a hands free device does not prevent distraction. Evidence shows the brain in sentencing is that of a brain driving under the influence. In the state of NY, if you are caught driving and on your cell phone, you can lose 2 points off your license.

If you would like to have Jacy speak to your organization or High School, she and Steve are available and on a mission to enforce a “Hang up and Drive” campaign. We owe it to our children and all those who are on the road to drive safely and give driving our full attention.
Will you please join me and promise to hang up and drive. I think we would all like to know that our loved ones travel and arrive safely. My mission to design, create and inspire an artful life takes on new meaning to realize that it can all be changed forever by one small action.
Please join me in spreading the word and raising awareness to those you love. Hang up and drive.
Winner of the tuffet from pixie dust decor is Ryland Woodard.
Hang it up and go check out her blog. You will thank-me.