Artful Living

love affair

Yes, it is possible to have a love affair that lasts forever.
My art and certain products entice me.
Other artists inspire my love affair with art.

In my Mother’s day an “affair” was something you attended with honor and grace.
Well – today, these fantastic storage units are flirting big time with me.
from here.
I have always believed that there are certain characteristics that one never need fall out of love with.
Good to honest quality that only gets better over time.
Archival, Aquarelle Paper mounted on board.

I found these in the city at the Art Students League.
Look at these art boards here.
The company makes these incredible boards and storage units.
I spoke to the owner who was a delight.
Love to have Art-Boards as a “pve sponsor” here.
The back has this special groove ready to hang.

look at the array of sizes and surfaces.

The possibities are endless.
Quite a love affair I am having, are you the least bit jealous?
Is there a product that is tempting or flirting for your love and attention?