Artful Living

honeysuckle pink

Surely you have heard that Pantone announced “Honeysuckle” pink as the color for 2011.
Did you know that Honeysuckle tea is made to energize and the cleanse the skin?
I love how an herb, a flower or even a color can lift one’s spirits.

or lift one’s tutu.
Especially if they are pink.

Love how “honeysuckle pink” lights up a room!

…or a table.
Pretty pink cloth napkins for a special girl’s celebration from Kayce Hughes.
Dining in style.

Eddie Ross uses pink.
Excuse me, while I powder…

my nose here. Pretty, non?
Grant Gibson uses pink.

A pink dahlia that I snapped at the end of the season, just a few weeks ago!
So how about adding some honeysuckle pink to boost your spirit.
Game on Ladies and Gentlemen!
Will you be in style with honeysuckle rose?
Perhaps a pink poinsetta is just the perfect color for now.