Artful Living

6:30 am – Husband brings me a fresh mug of coffee in bed!

I watch the news and gather my thoughts and think about getting out of bed
6:50 am – Literally throw on yoga pants, t and a sweater
7:15 am – Make breakfast, fruit, oatmeal, raisins
7:40 am – drive daughter to school (it is raining)
back home to get to work at desk
9:00 am – one hour workout
10:00 am – drink a huge glass of water
shower and get dressed
10:30 am – back at my desk to finish some work – check blog comments
12:00 noon – make a salad, craisins, apples, nuts and a bit of blue cheese
make a pot of tea
12:40 – back at my desk – sketch til 2:50
2:50 pick up daughter from school
she has lots of homework and needs to practice her flute and has religion tohight
we drive back home have a snack of crackers, peanut butter, and some water
she works, I sketch
5:30 dinner
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