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“treat” money- pve design illustration
I have a wonderful money memory from my childhood that I would love to share. If my memory serves me correctly, I was in the third grade and we had lots of freedom to ride bikes and time to play. There was a market “Roppels” that I loved to ride my bike to for a “treat.”

On occasion, I would ask my Mom for twenty-five cents to go and get a candy bar. My Mom would have to get her “pocket-book” and give me treat money. One of my favorite candy bars was “pay day.” It was a treat to ride to the store and to be greeted by the store owner. I think somehow there was a secret language that parents and store owners had in regard to treats. We were only allowed one treat and it was not an everyday event.
As Halloween approaches and the infllux of treats in our homes becomes one part temptation and the other pure cavity tricks for a Dentist to fill. I am suddenly reminded how certain formative experiences shape who we become. Perhaps the age old expression, “like a kid in a candy store”- rings a bell for many of you.
A “treat” should be something to work for, some sort of reward. I thank my Mother for instilling strong values. How do you deal with “treats” at your home.