Artful Living

cookies and milk

Never will I ever be too old for cookies and milk.
Did you know that the Oreo cookie has been around since 1929.
kitchen by tommy smythe
Imagine sitting pretty in this kitchen eating an oreo.
I spy a glass of milk on the table. It looks like a familiar site in my house.
My boys drink lots of milk and are always on the prowl for a cookie.
kitchen by tommy smythe
I am loving kitchens that have a contrast of dark and light.
Love the black painted window and the array of potted herbs on the sill.
Stainless steel looks right too.
Note the dark bottoms and the light upper cabinetry.
Do you think the ubiquitous oreo cookie might have been the inspiration for this kitchen?
What is it about black and white just looking timeless and right?
I am not the only one floored by black and white. Look what Jenny has today.
Who knew that an oreo cookie would inspire so much!