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blogger busyness

Did you ever take a look around you and notice all the busyness going on. Everywhere I go, I see people connected to some portable device. It seems that if we are not signed on, plugged in or on-line, we truly look as though we are wasting precious time. Our life is not measured by how much time we spend on-line, the number of comments left behind or that our in-box full of e-mails. A rapid fire e-mail reply seems to be expected as though we were machines ourselves. Need a reminder that we are humans.

You have my permission to sign off, disconnect and step away from the light of your screen.

Have a nice long Columbus Day weekend and may each of you enjoy some idle time. Recharge your batteries, sign out, get out and spend time with the humans that you love.
I found this image over here along with a few blog tips. Maintaining a blog takes a great deal of time and reading the many blogs takes even more time. I thank-you for taking time out of your busy day with all that you have to balance, blogging, living and giving.
What is your best blog tip that you would like to share?
{Random Winner of note-book give-away is Gretchen Opgenorth, what a sweet comment she left;
What a beautiful thoughtful post. As a drink my coffee I must ponder it…and try to be a bit more of a “let life happen and take the little ques as to where it is going”. I have been a little more this way this week, and I must say have been happier. I wish I wrote things down a bit more, maybe if I won…} Congrats Gretchen.