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self discipline

How do you impose a little self discipline when you have certain expectations or goals to meet? I often think that good old fashioned “discipline” is the best friend for achieving positive results. You may find this post a little odd, but please bear with me, I do not mean to come on too harshly. I am not here to scold or reprimand you. This is about your own self-discipline.

Why is it that self discipline has become a thing of the past? Today, there seems to be a softness permeating our society, no rules, no bed-time, no curfew, and no punishment for bad behavior. I am speaking on behalf of the value of the virtue of self discipline and the fact that when one has imposed values and standards to live by, one can produce positive outcomes.
Do you value self discipline and structure or do you prefer imposed guidelines? How do you coach or guide yourself to be on your best behavior when you are trying to ascertain a goal or accomplish a project?
Here is a list of reminders, feel free to add yours to the list by leaving a comment, is there a self discipline you are working on perfecting?
Take your vitamins
Make that Dr. appt.
Feed the meter
Obey the speed limit
Drive phone free
No texting while driving, please
Read more books
Use your coupons before they expire
Be on time
Challenge yourself
Dedicate yourself to a worthy cause
Get to bed on time
Don’t be late
Pay your late fees
Eat your vegetables
Wear your seat belt
Look both ways
Do not interrupt
Wash your hands
Make your bed
Leave a comment (The list is additional comments from “disicplined commenters”)
Limit computer time
Say Please and Thank-you
Hold the door open