Artful Living

Saturday secrets

There is a secret path for each of us.

It takes tremendous patience and dedication to persevere
even when one is on an unknown path headed in the face of danger.
The heart wants what it wants.

Hold your head high
your heart steady on your way.

One can only hope that our hearts and our steps are in harmony.

It is good to move in tandem or in harmony with the right gear.
It is good for your heart too.

Take this day to find some time to restore order and grace.
You only need a few minutes.

Reach out to those who may be hurting and to those who are celebrating a birth.
Take time to create your own secret wish for this solemn yet heartfelt day.
You may write it down or draw it here.
Remember it is your secret.
Take a moment to pay tribute to our fallen heros and angels.
You can do this in secret.
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