Artful Living

rosy cheeks

Compliments give me rosy cheeks.
I can’t help it, I blush so easily.

With the Fall season en route, I shall miss all the profusion of Summer blush pink blossoms along with the
ruddy cheeked students who leave for college, a little pink behind the ears, excited to open new doors to the love of learning.

Before school starts, one last party al fresco.
There is something so sweet about this pretty and pink innocent patio.
A last slice of watermelon anyone? A final glass of rose wine?
Let’s toast to Summer’s finale!

Closing the door to pink and to summer.
Perhaps I have been eating too much pink cotton candy.
Too much of a good thing makes me feel a bit queasy so I reach for the pink pepto-bismol bottle. Gulp.
Blame it on the pink peppermint salt water taffy.
Add some orange to spice things up and I am feeling so much better.
Love the merry orange rug below.

There, I feel better already. Did you see this brilliant room?
All that pink was a bit like a sugar high.
Too much of a good thing.
A nap on this pink pillow would be sweet dreams.
Are you feeling as rosy as I after all this pink?
Do you blush over the littlest compliment?
Thanks to Seleta
(check our her new and improved blog)
to the ladies at Diane James Home.
Thanks for my rosy cheeks today.