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bookish bee

Summer is a busy time and I always start off the Summer with the best intentions to read more. I envision myself as a book worm or a bookish bee and then life takes hold with such a fervor that all my list of reads buzzes around me until I finally settle down to read. Just like a bee to a flower. I was drawn to this graphic cover.

One book that I just finished reading is a contemporary novel “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave and I shall never quite look at my passport the same, nor my name. Have you read “Little Bee?” Part of me wants to believe that novels like this are purely fictional, although cruelty like this exists in our world however friendships and empathy can make life changing goals in regards to one’s human rights.

Between the raw flashbacks throughout the story and little boy Charlie running about in his batman costume, my emotions were caught at full attention. This is a read that will make you stand a bit taller and want to do something better, at least it affected me in this way.

What are you reading now? “Little Bee” would be a great read for a book group to share. Do you read contemporary novels or just classics?