Artful Living

folding chairs

Several years ago, I paid a mere forty dollars for two folding chairs that look just like this but without the handle. A neighbor, a kind german lady sold them to me as she was moving to an assisted living spot and needed to just take only what she needed. For many years, I spoke to her while waiting at the bus. She would time her walks and I was always happy to see her and hear her lovely german accent.

A visitor told me that my chairs looked like they were designed by Hans. You know Hans, son of a cobbler and modernist danish designer. He designed the “Wishbone” chair along with this folding chair. For years we had metal folding chairs as a practical placeholder til we could afford proper chairs. If only I had known about these lovely folding chairs.

Somehow, I think he must have been inspired by his military days and his desire for engineering a functional folding chair. The above chair is available here.

Give a boy some wood, some sticks and some string or rope and let the mind create.

Which one do you prefer the blonde or the ebony chair?
Let the chips fall, and the chairs fold, my chairs were a lucky find even if they are a knock off the old block.